What Did God Say?

Every morning Jesus has something to say to me. He wakes me up with a name or a bible verse or even a song. This morning concerned me. The song "New Wine, Hillsong" was in my spirit. So I brushed it off and went to shower to get my day started, but as sat on my bed, my prayer closet motion light came on. I didn't think anything of it, but it went off again and again and the next time it went off, I knew my Father had something to say. I know... I know... many would say that it was just my mind or it would have scared them, but for me, I felt in my heart God wanted to talk. 

When I rose from my bed, I turned on the song and I fell to my knees. I felt the heaviness of the Lord. I began to weep and declare Jesus I am not worthy. When I got up, I went to my prayer closet and immediately God began to speak to my heart. I managed to stop my tears and picked up my pen and paper. 

He said "Daughter, so many are sleeping and they aren't awaiting my arrival. I want to make many brides but they are wrapped up in flesh. They only want to do what makes them happy. Since I created them, why is it all about them? People don't understand or can't even tell when I am convicting their heart. They profess my name on Sunday but live the way they want during the week. Why am I a part of their life on Sunday? They don't fast, they don't pray, but they want me to bless them. Many only come to me when they are in trouble. Do they not understand that I am coming soon and when they least expect it. So many are stuck in the first heaven and will not ascend further. I love them but why don't they love me daughter? What have I done other than protect them and shield them? I have provided for them and they don't even thank me or realize that I was the one that sent the money when they didn't have food. If I will allow the birds to eat then what more will I do for them? Try to reach them daughter. Tell them to get their houses in order. I am REAL and so is HELL. I can only hold back my wrath for a certain period of time. The end is near. Prepare yourself, cleanse yourself to prepare for my arrival".

To all that have eyes to see, let them see. To all that have ears to hear, let them hear.

Shalom & Love

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